All trousers are not jeans

In fact, all jeans are not jeans.

(Actually, that’s probably a bit meta. Basics first.)

Ok, what are jeans?

Well, first and foremost, they are trousers.  But they are not JUST trousers.

Jeans are special. They last a long time, they are practical, they fit well, they are the trusted friend you turn to when “what to wear today” is just defeating you. They don’t let you down. Yes, they are trousers, but they are MORE than trousers.

But then, there are jeans that *don’t* do the above. They make all kinds of promises, you put your faith in them, and then they let you down. They shrink in the wash, they wear out too quickly, or (cardinal sin) they lose their shape and make your butt look big!

These are not jeans. They are masquerading as jeans, they pretend to fit the definition, but they just don’t deliver. They are not even “just” trousers. They are trying to go to the next level, to be jeans, but they are not qualified to describe themselves as such.

And so with dog training. Dog trainers are like trousers: they come in all shapes, sizes, types. Some of them are great, some less so. Some of them even try to pretend to be more, to be jeans. They call themselves “behaviour expert”, but they aren’t qualified to do so. They don’t have a full understanding of dog behaviour and so, they can’t deliver what they promise.

Equally, beware the uber-qualified, “celebrity” behaviourist who isn’t also a competent dog trainer. They are trying to be *just* jeans – the glamorous, exciting end of the business – without fulfilling the basics.  You can’t be jeans without also being trousers. Jeans still need pockets, a zip, legs…

Great jeans are a great pair of trousers. They are also an awesome pair of jeans.  Make sure whoever is helping you with your dog is qualified to deliver what you think you are buying.

All jeans are trousers. But all trousers are not great jeans.


(Photo: Hiut Denim, outstanding makers of  jeans. With legs.)


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