A little discomfort is good for you

Hiut Denim is an interesting company.


They make premium jeans.


They ONLY make jeans.


They make them in the UK (West Wales to be precise).


The most interesting fact is that they make jeans that you can’t wash.


Well actually, they make jeans that you can’t wash for the first 6 month. Their reasons are good. You can find out more here.

So much so interesting. And you’re planning to link THAT to dog training are you?

Well, I’m planning to try. Here goes…

The ultimate aim of wearing-in your Hiuts before washing them is comfort. Your own comfort. Not the idea of comfort that some designer in some big corporate fashion house has dreamed up. Not a pair of jeans so over-softened that they are falling to pieces after the first 6 months. Comfort that is personal.

So there might be a little discomfort on the way. The crispness of a pair of unwashed raw denims is not to be underestimated. Initially, they are unyielding. The temptation to wash them in the hope they will soften is great. After a while, a little negotiation starts to take place. The creases form where you would like them. Familiarity develops. Soon enough, the 6 month anniversary wash-day ceremony arrives, you hang them outside to dry and Instagram your new friend to prove you made it. Together.

This is the crux of the matter. The extreme cleverness of Hiuts’ insistence on YOU breaking-in your own jeans. You form a relationship. Every crease is from where YOU sat. Every scuff is the result of a moment YOU experienced. Every mark is a physical reminder of a memory, the making of your history together.  They want you to love your jeans, to have a long and healthy life together. Hell, they’ll even repair them for you if you both get into a little too much trouble…

The whole experience bears an uncanny resemblance to the first 6 months of living with a new dog.  The excitement of “unwrapping” your new parcel when you arrive back home is quickly tempered by the reality of rubbing up each day against something that is not yet aligned with your life.  There are challenges, there is discomfort, it would be oh-so-easy to quit.

But as you progress through those essential first months, life starts to get easier. Familiarity sets in. Shared experiences strengthen the bond. You start having a good time together. The relationship forms.  You write your own history.

My point? Oh yes, my point…

My point is that to create something that is worth having takes time. You need to invest. Longevity is not an instantly-deliverable commodity. It is the polar opposite of our frightening cultural obsession with disposable.

They used to call it ‘character building’. Developing the ability to endure discomfort in pursuit of a worthy goal. Accepting that the end will justify the means.

Fortitude. Perseverance. Whatever you want to call it, just KEEP GOING. In years to come, you can sit on your favourite windswept beach / hilltop / park bench, wearing your best ever jeans, high-fiving your best ever furry friend, because you didn’t quit.

Because you endured a little interim discomfort.

Because the end did justify the means.

And because you can look back together and know that it was all worth it.


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(Main image courtesy of: http://hiutdenim.co.uk)

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