Out of the frying pan…

Oh the joys of the smaller dog. There are many benefits to the more diminutive breeds: they eat less, take up less floor space, cost less to treat at the vet (and are therefore cheaper to insure), and so on. But there are hidden surprises. Like earlier maturation. No sooner are you out of the […]

Puppy raising reality check

No-one has time for a puppy. No, seriously, NO-ONE!  Not even me, a self-employed dog-professional with no kids. It’s 10 years since I had a puppy in the house. Sure, we fostered dogs when I worked in rescue. We even adopted one of them which resulted in a great deal of work for the next […]

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to be jolly… Doesn’t it get earlier each year? Maybe I’m just getting old. If you have kids, you *might* just be able to drag it out until December 1 when advent-chocolate-eating-season begins. My husband is American so in our house “Holiday” chaos starts today, Thanksgiving. Firstly, the house is adorned with […]

Starbucks for dogs (creating a safe space)

No. I’m not suggesting that you and your dog toddle off for a daily pumpkin spice latte. Although, if your local branch is dog-friendly and you like your hot beverages sugar-rather-than-coffee-based it’s as good a place to do some socialisation as any I’m sure (see last week’s post). Starbucks for dogs isn’t about Starbucks. It’s […]

1000 good experiences

Your puppy’s first week at home is crucial. Most people spend it feeling exhausted and worrying about housetraining (which is difficult, time-consuming and important. More on that another time). The thing is, you won’t get to ‘housetrained’ in a week and, in fact, you can train your puppy where to pee at any time. But […]

First night survival guide!

Also known as “Oh no, what have we done…?!” Well, what have you done? You’ve brought into your house a furry alien who knows NOTHING about living with you. You have also just taken the little bundle of fur away from everything that is familiar in life: mum, siblings, humans, the smell of their house. […]

The worst week of the year

Welcome to the Firework “season”. When did that happen? When did it stop being about November 5th and start to become an excuse to set fire to things at any time of the day or night for at least a week, and probably up until New Year? Let’s face it, fireworks are a slightly strange […]

Have a happy howl-oween (without spooking out your dog)

Planning on including your furry friend in your scary celebrations? A few tips to ensure everyone is having a good time… 1. Should I take my puppy trick or treating? Nope!  Excitable kids in shape-shifting outfits and masks (MASKS!) making weird noises, in the dark, with the potential for fireworks (more about them next week), […]

5 reasons your dog is “disobedient” on walks

Ah, that perennial problem. The dog that ignores you. Clearly, he / she is doing it to irritate you, right? Wrong! What on earth purpose would your dog have for WANTING to put you in a bad mood? Seriously! Here are 5 common reasons why your dog is not paying you attention when you’re out […]

A little discomfort is good for you

Hiut Denim is an interesting company. Why? They make premium jeans. So? They ONLY make jeans. Ok. They make them in the UK (West Wales to be precise). Interesting… The most interesting fact is that they make jeans that you can’t wash. WHAT??? Well actually, they make jeans that you can’t wash for the first […]