The worst week of the year

Welcome to the Firework “season”. When did that happen? When did it stop being about November 5th and start to become an excuse to set fire to things at any time of the day or night for at least a week, and probably up until New Year? Let’s face it, fireworks are a slightly strange […]

Have a happy howl-oween (without spooking out your dog)

Planning on including your furry friend in your scary celebrations? A few tips to ensure everyone is having a good time… 1. Should I take my puppy trick or treating? Nope!  Excitable kids in shape-shifting outfits and masks (MASKS!) making weird noises, in the dark, with the potential for fireworks (more about them next week), […]

It’s the 4th of July!

So, what makes a great Independence Day party? Easy, right? BBQs and beers. Friends and fireworks. (It kind of feels like I’m writing song-titles for the next Green Day album… Weird.) Maybe a nice hot and sunny day too. Sport on the TV (sorry it won’t be the soccer World Cup. Still, the USA’s performance […]