Well, that may have worked for Mary Poppins, but personally I love explanations! So let’s start with how I got here...

For over a decade, I was a children’s nanny in London. I got a close-up, warts-and-all view of the fascinating journey that is modern parenthood and the frequent frustrations of trying to communicate with non-verbal, egocentric individuals with their own, very-specific views on shoe colour and the wearing of coats. I loved being able to bring my expertise to help new (and seasoned) parents to figure out what made their little people tick and how to get the most fun out of each and every day..

Then, I got a puppy.

Super-smart, easily bored, independent and full of confidence, I could find no way to convince her that she should pay any attention to me, let alone do what I asked. “I’ll get some help from a dog expert” I thought. Great idea! Sadly, I couldn’t find an ‘expert’, just a lot of people who claimed to be, but in fact were just as defeated as I was by my “naughty puppy” who “wouldn’t listen” (actual quotes!). Obsessed with finding the “why”, I headed down the rabbit-hole into the weird, wonderful, and often windy, world of dog training.

Having successfully negotiated my way through both an undergrad degree in human psychology and a postgrad in canine behaviour, and via several years at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, I now happily spend my days crafting raw, scientific theory into creative, workable solutions to the common, and extraordinary, challenges faced by urban dog-parents. I’m passionate about pooches AND their people, and enjoy nothing more than collaborating with you to grow the small (or large) furry alien currently taking up space in your kitchen into a much valued member of your family.

When not sprinkling stardust onto people’s pets or chasing tennis balls across Hampstead Heath with my terriers, I can be found zipping around town on my Vespa in search of the perfect double espresso, and chasing my (Italian-American, travel-obsessed) husband around the globe.